Pru embodies neutrality in a purposeful & compassionate way that’s inspiring to watch & creates a deep space for all perspectives to safely be heard. Learning from Pru took my facilitation skills to the next level. I can now more skilfully step into highly conflictual situations with confidence that I can hold all views and work productively. If you get the chance to learn from Pru, don’t hesitate, do it.
I encourage anybody who is working with difference, across groups & with conflict to consider Pru’s Deep Democracy training. It is a truly neutral & non-judgemental way of facilitating a process & it will challenge you!
Pru is a top notch facilitator. The most neutral facilitator I have ever seen in action! Amazing recall & very clear guidance. She is a gifted and dedicated facilitator and educator.
Pru’s facilitation style is engaging, respects the knowledge & experience that people bring & then adds to it. The tools she uses are unique, energising & inclusive.