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SOLD OUT Deep Democracy for Leaders. CoResolve Participative Leadership Program. Melbourne

Deep Democracy for Leaders. CoResolve Participative Leadership Program.

Wednesday February 28 & Thursday March 1 9.00 - 5.00pm at CERES in Melbourne + Optional follow-up small group coaching March - May (4 x 1.5hr sessions)

Highly experiential program where all of the basic Deep Democracy facilitation tools are covered, but tailored for how to approach them as a leader. Here 'leader' is defined as anyone driving a process to achieve an objective or expected to have an opinion. You'll learn, practice & be ready to begin to apply some of these tools straight after the two days. Venue is a refreshing environment at an urban farm in Brunswick East.

Born out of South Africa's transformation from apartheid to democracy The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy is a facilitative method used by leaders and provides a transformative toolkit & roadmapfor people who lead & facilitate group processes. It equips you with ways to enable groups to say what needs to be said, hear diverse views, collaborate, reduce resistance, participate in effective decision-making & achieve genuine buy-in.

It's a game changer for leaders seeking to significantly improve the way you run meetings/discussions with teams & stakeholders. Based on Process Orientated Psychology it provides a significant shift, & a refreshing perspective, on how to read group dynamics. It allows people to see the behaviours, norms, and patterns in the system that could be creating challenges rather than seeing the source of problems as just being ‘difficult people’.

Who is it for? Leaders who would appreciate tools that: 

  • Enable meetings to be more productive & a better use of everyone’s time
  • Allow you to have your say but make it clear others can have theirs too
  • Explore ways to harness the energy of tension & turn it into fuel for productivity
  • Diagnose early signals of people disengaging & have the tools to address this
  • Address difficulties your group faces making decisions and collaborating
  • When people say yes to a decision they actually mean it and follow through
  • Build a relaxed environment of innovation as people feel safe to share their ideas

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy is used in the business, community, public & education sectors, with boards & more, in over 20 countries.

Post the two days there is an option to join a small group coaching program (4 sessions) to support the implementation of the tools back into your specific environment so you can get support to confidently play with the tools and theory as you implement them. Dates are: Friday March 9, 23, April 20 & May 4 at 9.00 - 10.30am for $360pp. 

So that Deep Democracy programs, and the tools within, are accessible to a wide range of people the program fees are based on a sliding scale. In general the fees range from $690 - $1590 depending on the sector that people are from and scholarships are available for First Nations Peoples/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Please be in touch to discuss. 

p. 0401 006 209 or e.